Our story

As an opticians we’ve been around since 1989. We were previously known as Eye Fashions Opticians. Our new name as Waltham Eyes was chosen by you the community.

Our company ethos is simple; we want to give great eye care service to the community along with great deals on glasses.

Our experience

At Waltham Eyes we believe everyone deserves a one-to-one service. We take our time with our patients creating a tailor made service. 

We at Waltham Eyes put the service we give as our top priority.

Our optometrist at the store is the owner of the practice, and will be a familiar face for you. 

Our aim is to build a good relationship with our patients and become the ‘friendly neighbourhood opticians’ of the community.

The best of both worlds

We’ve seen the really cheap online website deals for glasses. However people forget the after-purchase service is non-existent with these online purchases. Throughout the life span of a pair of glasses, adjustments and minor repair will be needed.

We believe everyone deserves a continuous service for their glasses. Whether it be for an upgrade, minor repair or adjustment, a helping hand should always be available.

We here at Waltham Eyes have combined the best of both worlds. We offer extremely competitively priced glasses compared to the online market, and also provide a lifetime of servicing completely free.

No hard sell

At Waltham Eyes we create a very relaxed atmosphere. We never push our patients to spend more than they would like. We let our customers keep control of the sale. The last thing we want is you to leave our store thinking you’ve spent double your budget. We train our staff in this manner, to be honest and transparent about everything we sell.

You may need to go for additional extras on your glasses due to your prescription or lifestyle requirements. Due to our competitive pricing we’ll make sure to get you what you need without you overspending. 

90 day returns guarantee

We have a 90 days returns policy here at Waltham Eyes.

If for any reason your unhappy with your purchase, we’ll try our best to solve the issue. If unfortunately we are unable to, we’ll give you a full refund.

Free adjustments and servicing for life

Free minor repairs and frame adjustments can be made to glasses and sunglasses here at Waltham Eyes. Even if your glasses aren’t from our store we’ll try our best to lend a helping hand.

Terms and conditions apply to the services above. They can be found on our services page.

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Now that you know more about us, get started on your journey to better eye care with Waltham Eyes.

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