T&C: Free eye test and OCT. The offer is valid when you are due for an eye test. Patients who are covered by the NHS for their eye tests are not eligible for the free eye test offer as their eye tests are already free under the NHS when they are due. Selected glasses in the £30 frames range are reduced to £25 when an eye test is done at the Waltham Eyes store. The offer is only for the first pair of glasses purchased per customer. A second pair purchased from the same range is £30. Free single vision lenses are included. The offer is valid until 25/12/2023. The OCT scan is free for private and NHS patients accompanying their eye tests. An eye test with an OCT exam usual price is £45.

T&C: 2 for 1 from £49: The offer is only valid when an eye test has been done at the Waltham Eyes store. Selected glasses in the £30 frames range are 2 for 1 for £49. The offer includes free single vision prescription lenses on both pairs of glasses. For prescriptions from another opticians’ the 2 for 1 is from £49.

T&C: Kids get two pairs for free. The eye test must be done at the Waltham Eyes store in order to get the two pairs of glasses. Single vision lenses are included on both pairs. In exchange for a second pair you can have anti-reflection coating for free on your one pair of glasses. This offer does not apply to outside prescriptions and hospital vouchers, but a second pair can be purchased for £15.

T&C: With your NHS optical voucher. This offer applies to patients who receive an optical voucher to help with the costs of purchasing glasses. Patients who bring their voucher from another opticians’ are also eligible for this offer. The voucher can only be applied to obtain one of the three deals mentioned in the above promotions.



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